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November 29, 2011
By yupheng yang BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
yupheng yang BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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You are like my smile
Always have that one kind of a smile that is in a parabola shape
That appears when I come by

You are my sweater
Warmth, sweet smelling, soft touching
Always there for me when I need warmth
Holding me tight like always

You are the medicine when I’m sick,
There to take the pain away
Always helping me out with your warmth of your words that comes out of your mouth

You’re that one girl who intercepted the ball from the other team
Sneaky and read the play very well
As if you were going to hunt your prey down

You are the hot spicy papaya salad that I had ate
Mean and hurtful, but I don’t care
I understand why you get all spiced up

You are a car engine
That keeps on going
Never stopping, always working and working
Even though the engine is going to die
You always keep on going

You are the blue skies when it’s raining out
Making me feel like I’m having a sugar rush
Always there to brighten my days

You are a clown
Making jokes that makes you laugh but not me
Giggles that doesn’t sound normal was the thing I made fun of you
Laughing at things you do that doesn’t make any sense

You are that one butterfly that fly’s like crazy
Always catching my eye whenever you come by
Beautiful like you doesn’t need any changes at all
Be yourself and stay as yourself, that’s the most attractive way I can see
You’re that one girl that I have been dreaming about lately
You show me the light when I am in the dark
You came to me with love that I haven’t had
Showed me the way of life I never experience

You are that one girl
That I will cry if I lose

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My Girlfriend

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