The Skin I'm In

November 29, 2011
By Aaliyahthepoet123 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Aaliyahthepoet123 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I am Ms. Aaliyah.
Different, determined, humorous, and hardworking.
The skin I’m in states I love who I am and I am a person with confidence.
The scars on the surface reminds me of my vulnerability and abhorrence.
In my brown eyes, I see not only a girl that knows black is beautiful but a girl that truly means it.
Like a flowing poet smoothly summarizing their ambitions and accomplishments, I am a black girl that rocks.
In my smile I feel love, happiness, and humor.
I am a girl that is brave, bold, bright, and brilliant.
From my lips, I say” No one is perfect; perfection is hard to be made possible.”
My outsiders and associates think I’m jealous, easy to be used, a hater, and voracious.
But I know the real me, and I am none of these things.
In my ears, I hear bullets flying and inappropriate speeches.
In my head, my brain speaks to me.
In my skin, I feel millions of emotions, from loved to hate.
Outside of me, rainstorms are sometimes running down my pale face.
Deep inside there are times when my heart is freezing.
Though, I have to hold tight while waiting for a warm recovery blanket.
My family is my heart beat, they save my life, and this is why I love them.
However, my skin does not show the real me.
The real me is red traveling fluid, god’s gift, and independent.
Someday I will love the skin I’m in, but as of now, I will continue to do me.

The author's comments:
I was inspired after reading the book "The Skin I'm In" by Sharon G. Flake! That was a wonderful book.

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