The Red Balloon

November 29, 2011
By Kelso1093 BRONZE, Stanardsville, Virginia
Kelso1093 BRONZE, Stanardsville, Virginia
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~Tuck Everlasting

The boy rescued me from a pole
He gives me this feeling that makes me whole
Then I decided to call him “Master”
As he carried me past the alabaster
On the way to school now
The teacher said “Don’t be a fool, how
Can you expect us to let you in
With that orb of rubber skin?”
The look on his face tore me apart
I snuck in the class and then with a start
I was out like a flash
A man that was brash
Took the boy to a room
Where he met his doom
Because of me, this happened
It was worse than I’d imagined
I waited for him
Until the sky went dim
No other boy can be my friend
Our lasting friendship will never end
He carried me home that afternoon
The boy and I, his red balloon.

The author's comments:
This is a responce to watching the award-winning film, "The Red Balloon." I wrote it telling it from the ballon's point of view, if it were alive. Enjoy!

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