3 AM

April 28, 2008
By Barielle Bredy, Chicago Heights, IL

It should be silent.

Everyone should be peacefully
Sound asleep
In their beds
Without a single worry in their minds

But not everyone has a bed
To sleep in
And there are so many worries floating around
They cloud peoples' minds

That's why as I lay on my side
In my bed
In my downtown apartment building
It's impossible to find sleep

Outside my window
Cars fly back and forth
Noises buzz amazingly loud
People hurry to find solutions

Yes, there are some
With beds to sleep in
And without worries
To keep them from finding sleep

Those are the lucky ones
The rest of us, whether crawling thru streets
Or attepmting to find sleep,
Are choking on worries and cares

Even though we know it should be silent.

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