I Love you, mom!!!

November 29, 2011
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Throughout my whole school life,
there were fathomless incidents,
through which I learnt, the deepest secrets of life.
I came to know one today.

“You are late, I was troubled. What happened?”
Nothing. Can’t I hang out with my own friends, huh?
“Yes, you can but be on time and guard your tongue” she said sternly.
My livid reply was, “I am old enough, mom!!!
Just let me be. Why do you bother?”
She remained quiet for some time, then said,
“Because I am your mother.”
“And fat lot of help that does”, I muttered.
This obviously hurt her a lot,
though I didn’t realize it at that time.
“What did you say?” she asked outraged, in a quivering voice.

I didn’t bother to reply and slammed my room door hard.

I noticed her crying quietly that night.

Pretending to be asleep I ignored her.

I was thinking about my past experiences,

I remembered my school years.

When I used to return from school, she, that is my mom,
Never forgot to ask me, “How was the day, dear?”
Her concern for me would irritate me a lot.
“Fine.” I always said and used to shrug.
Ten years had passed and never had
she forgotten to ask me that particular thing.
Now as I think about it, I ask myself
“Had I ever asked HER how HER day was?”
No! Not once in the whole ten years.
I was shocked and vowed to myself,
that tomorrow would be a different day.
I would talk to her properly,
rather than the acidic words which I spoke to her till now.
I will love her more than ever,
because she is the one who bothers about me.
Cares about me and loves me.

The next day I woke up, and went to her.
I gave her a big hug and said, “I love you, mom!”,
before running off to my collage pleased with myself.
Things would be different, WONT THEY???

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