Tell Me You Hate Me

November 28, 2011
By thirdtimecharmed GOLD, E. Lansing, Michigan
thirdtimecharmed GOLD, E. Lansing, Michigan
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"Writing is easy enough. All you have to do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed."- Hemingway

Don’t ever tell me that my effort shines
For I’ll believe your words without protest
The glory for which my heart aches and pines
Proves honest harsh words surely to be best

I am so fearful of measuring short
That hiding is my best hope to succeed
Avoiding every frightening report
While snatching up all praise with desperate greed

My self-worth weak as any castle gate
That’s stood up to invasions stolidly
The fighting that has torn at it of late
Has weakened it beyond defending me

Invaders! Pillage, steal, and ruin halls
To now hold burning smoldering remains
No safety will be left between the walls
Where formerly assurance held the reins

Make vicious wreckage of my self-esteem
Wreck my mind, destroy my peace, I plea
For even as I mope and whine and scream
Distress will make a mortal out of me

The author's comments:
Hubris is a killer.

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