People Say

April 28, 2008
By Sandy Martinez, Budd Lake, NJ

People say,
Love is blinding
There's no doubt about that
When you love someone,
They become as perfect as can be
Physical appearances,
And everything that makes you flawd,
They also say
Love is for fools
This is also a fact
Not everyone id foolish enough
To give someone so much power
Over them,
That can have negative
Or positive effects
I became a blind fool
In a glance,
In a touch,
In a kiss,
He was as far from perfect
As can be,
Everyone said
I didn't listen
My blindness seemed to affect my hearing
I gave him everything I had
My love,
My trust,
My whole being
And when he betrayed me,
I was too blind to see
And when i finally saw,
I was too foolish to let go
Now I'm slowly dying
From the wounds
Only a blind fool gets

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