April 28, 2008
By Nicona Lane, Stillwater, OK

You listened to her
When she would tell
Heard her pain
Saw the tears
Saw the hurt given to her
Saw how long it lasted,
Bruises on her arms.
The loss of the shine in her green eyes.
The love given to you was strong,
As strong as it could be given.
Support you gave her,
Took her in your arms and
Told her it would be okay.
Didn't push her,
She needed to gain that trust.
And slowly you got it.
You took it slow,
Knowing she would soon recover.
A friend,
A backbone,
A lover who would make everything okay.
You told the people who went after him,
You took her in your arms as she wrapped her arms around you.
Knowing now everything was going to be okay.

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