I Am From

April 28, 2008
By Rachelle Balfe, New Prague, MN

I am from playing Nintendo on our family vacation in Alexandra, Minnesota.
And Grandma Sharon’s homemade tacos on Christmas eve.
From the brown patch in the yard where the slip ‘n’ slide overflowed.
And the linen closet in our narrow hallway for the best hiding spot.
I am from bobby pins laying on the carpet after a long, hard day with a ponytail in.
And Grandma Shirley’s Heath frosting on German chocolate cake.
From Katie trying to rescue the hole in the inflatable Dino.
And running through the sprinkler on a bright, sunshiny day.
I am from “RACHELLE!”.
And my baby blanket from Auntie Julie.
From Halloween nights at Grandma Carol’s house to celebrate her birthday.
And learning lessons the hard way one to many times.
I am from only gold fish as pets because they are easy to take care of and we don’t have enough responsibility for anything else.
And weekends at Dad’s house.
From laughing, hanging out and getting loud and crazy with friends.
And daycare at Auntie Patty’s house where there was always Kool-Aid in the fridge and soap operas on the television.
I am from all my childhood memories. Some fun, some bad but all of them have taught me something important.

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