Mind Game

November 19, 2011
By J. Roman BRONZE, Hillsborough, New Jersey
J. Roman BRONZE, Hillsborough, New Jersey
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And as it usually goes
It all starts off fine
And nobody ever sees
You’re walking a fine line

Oh no my mind is a labyrinth
By it confused most are
But see, the reason why
Is for every person there’s a scar

No they’re all deceitful
You’d like to believe it’s not true
But I haven’t met a person yet
Who’s not sent the world askew

And you’ll never beg forgiveness
You’ll just sit and wonder why
How can you not see it
The reason is your lie

Your lie and betrayal
And you twist and choke all I say
Spitting out your own concoction
And making the truth go away

Somehow they believe you
Don’t come to me first
But here’s what keeps me going
My character’s fine, yours gets worse

And eventually the web unweaves
And people figure it out
And now every word you say
Will fill us all with doubt

So in the end I guess I win
Though I know it’s not a race
But I won’t say I told you so
Or shove any of this in your face

No, I have more decency
A better person to uphold
You’ll face it on your own
These lies are getting old

Yes, friends may leave
Like I left long ago
You’ll just have to come to terms
And then the reason you will know

You’ll need someone to turn to
Sorry I’m not that person anymore
I once was and still could be,
But I had to shut that door

You won’t ever know my anguish
And how horrible times became
You’ll never understand it wasn’t easy
But I had to get out of your game

So good luck, and now we part
To never be the same again
I’m not sorry that this happened
I’m not sorry I can’t be your friend

Enjoy your life, I’ll have mine
Maybe one day I’ll recover
It’s hard to say at this point
At least now I won’t suffer

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