What the Bird Told Me...

November 19, 2011
I look out the window to see trees and flies,
But looking closer I see the bird flapping his wings like a butterfly.
And I wonder bird,
Do you ever grow tired of flapping your wings through the sky?
And he looks to me and sings as he rests his claws on my thigh…
“So many melodies do I fly by” he says.
“Only if you could see them, they would truly make you sigh.
You ask me if I’m tired from flapping my arms miles wide,
Well let me tell you of what goes on, on the other side…

The little girl that closes her eyes,
She dreams of dragons and horses that fly.
She looks out her window and what does she see,
Nothing but her family’s dying hope hanging still in the tree.

The little boy that holds his blanket so tight,
He lies in his bed and waits patiently for his kiss goodnight.
He washes his face and tucks himself pinned.
When will he hear, that his mother said, this is her end?

The poor man, fail and old,
When will his children know, he sold his soul.
Desperate to get it back, he prays to God, cuts off his head, and watches it roll.
His heart watches it fall down the steepest hill, like a Chinese bowl.
The frighten world sees this terrible sight and the sea runs,
Little does this old man know,
There are no refunds.

The teenage girl who does nothing but lie on her back,
If she doesn’t stop soon a new baby will end up on a silver rack.
With a new man with her every night,
Her mother cries at the thought of forgetting to teach her daughter to be bright.

And so little child, you ask me is I’m tired,
And I tell you these things and that question becomes so very mild.
I may not mind myself for I go in others business,
But because of this, I know the world for what it is and that makes me a witness.

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