April 28, 2008
By Matt Koeppel, Toms River, NJ

Oh sweet devil
my divine dear
a stationary level
be just my fear

yearn can't name
thy want for thee
your eyes a scene
not meant to see

Wake up and ascend
to your cliff
i, to the end
a lonely drift

Thou glide across
a forest sweet
to thou i moss
beneath your feet

It's not a situation
where i call yet ignore
It's an infatuation
knowledge not of my procure

So is it like any other?
i shall never know
Dust not care for another
affection you never show

Cut me in thy middle
watch the bats allign
as though it was a riddle
a heart shine brilliant sign

We have blacketh morrow
i pray for dark's dark
what a word that sorrow
sits gladly in your park

Thy planets and the stars
All tell me the same
Twice around Mars
And into Jupiter's vein

Oh sweat upon a head
of your adored scent
wipe my fear off dead
so i may keep what's spent

I'd rescue you, but how?
You dust not know my thirst
Oh release you what a vow
even you sigh for a first

the dark night hour deepens
to a time that's out of reach
less though, than my feelings
For you, i am your leech

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