You Loved

April 28, 2008
By Emily Adkins, Berea, KY

You loved
To drive me crazy
You thought it was your job
To keep me on my toes
But in the process
You lost my trust
And gained nothing
And while you were preoccupied
Toying with all my emotions
I saw you for what you were
And I saw you for what you did to me
You ruined my life
And now you come back
Saying you regret
Every word you said
I don’t know why I find it so hard
To resist all your candy-coated words
And to forget what you’ve done when you speak to me
But I loose myself in another kiss
And I forgive you too quickly
You’ve left me again now and I still wonder
Are you happy
Now that you wrecked my heart
And decided to break it in a billion pieces?
So now I can’t trust
And every day when I see your face with that picture of us
And every night when I cry myself to sleep
I’ll remember you
For what you are

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