Daily Chronicles: Darfur Nightmares

April 28, 2008
By Justin Singletary, Boston, MA

I hear the guns blazing, my minds racing
My feet hasten the doors breaking, the people shaking, my heads aching
The people dash, machetes slash, swords clash, heads bashed, rocks crash, homes smashed
As the violence is silenced, their voices still defiant,
And millions die because of the hatred, if life is so sacred then why break it
While the blood drips to the floor and it echoes silently
Yet it’s ringing throughout my soul like a death toll and I scroll through the endless unknowns
And how could are blood be so cold that we could stand ignorant
To the almost unprecedented slaughter of the sons and daughters, so unless its our
Sons and daughter they can be slaughtered?
So we can never be bothered.
As America turns there faces as the brothers killed their brothers,
And the numbers were smothered, and the faces were covered so memory blurs,
What could’ve possibly incurred the hate to discriminate and exterminate each other.
Because blood is thicker than water, they have a river weeping as the blood seeps in to the ground, and
Lost innocence never to be found after these Darfur Nightmares.

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