The Boy

April 28, 2008
By mindy munoz, Irving, TX

Eyes bright as light
Lips provoking
At skin urging to be caressed
Hands so rough but feeling
Tender to the touch
Hugs so tight leaving me
Things you say
Leaves me petrified
To see you smile
Makes me put one on too
To hear you laugh
Makes me let out a chuckle
The ways we find to
Touch each other
The ways we find to
See someone else
We always find ways
To speak to one another
We try to stay away
From the other
But keep finding ways
To play
If it’s flirting at football
Or smiling with our eyes
In the hallways
The sparkles in your
Eyes assure me
You’re safe
The touch of your
Rough hands
The brush of your
Tender lips
Keep me hypnotized
Now here comes the hungry
And I run like a deer
In the wild
Feeling scared
I’m shoved in a corner
I don’t want this to end
But I guess it has to
You’re my lover and my friend
Never together in
The present
And never together in

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