Lonely Nights

April 28, 2008
By marlene aguirre, Idaho Falls, ID

Lonely nights,
Scary dreams,
Going to sleep awake, and
Waking up asleep.
I can’t take this any longer,
I think I am going to scream.
I feel sorrow and despair, but
You’re never there.
I’m crying inside and out,
I’m dying ever so slowly
Of that I have no doubt.
I am being strangled by your lies,
I am suffocating,
While your contemplating.
This never ending heartache,
This ever lasting sorrow, when can this end?
When can I start a brand new, fresh tomorrow?
You never seize the lies,
But when I finally find the strength
To say good bye,
You reel me right back in,
Just like a floundering fish with a broken fin.
Just like that,
I splash into your ocean
Of chaos and madness,
I swim blindly
In the sorrow and sadness.
While the lone nights become endless
I am becoming
And restless.
I am dead from within,
It’s a battle,
But none of us
Ever win.
This is crazy.
This is crazy, these
Lonely nights,

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