Nature's Song

April 28, 2008
By marlene aguirre, Idaho Falls, ID

Her world spins round and round like a tilt oh whirl.
Bloody tears cascade from her eyes,
Too real to intense to be a dream
She falls to the ground, still crying tears like stones,
And a heart cold and heavy on the floor helpless
And defeated.
She looks in the broken mirror,
And finds an angle in which she can see herself.
She doesn’t see herself though,
Instead she sees a distraught and pained image.
She holds her composure,
Painting a smile on with her cherry red lipstick,
Heads out the wooden door,
And acts like nothing happened.
She walks along the familiar little road along the creek.
“You’re not good enough, just face it.”
Her mothers voice echoes in her throbbing head.
She dips her callused dancer’s feet into the cold water,
Letting it wash away all her troubles
She lifts her head, wavy blonde hair rolling down her shoulders.
Her body glides back and forth while she closes her
Ocean colored eyes.
She dances in the dark colored water, letting everything float away
Like the broken twigs down the stream.
When she’s here, she is always the bright shining star.
The crescent moon is her spotlight,
The swaying trees are her dance partner,
And the howling wind, her song.

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