November 21, 2011
I see light in your eyes

as it wears its disguise

while it turns into fear

then takes the form of a tear

the impalement of a knife

shows the taking of a life

this will quench your thirst for lust

no need to robust

the fear of which I've seen

will turn a hardy man lean

now look before you, gods gone wrong

now look before you, we've grown strong

see far into time

take a lesson from this crime

to commit an act of genocide

an army at your side

now crush your enemy

clear sounds for the blind to see

so now I'm freed from the cage

as there taunting my rage

my foes words turn to spears as they pierce my heart

i look back at a faded start

in front are oppressors

i stand beside with me are aggressors

rise above all gods

go against all odds

i kill it and then

i am put in the den

locked away once more

put behind hells door

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