She Comes and Whispers

April 28, 2008
By Tara Garlasco, Melbourne Beach, FL

She comes and whispers in my ear
I listen but I do not hear
I tell me of her greatest fear
She does not wish to know
We walk amongst the living dead
Shes being srangled by a thread
Stuck in limbo, she is not lead
To heaven or to h***
I can not bear to think, to know, She's only putting on a show
A facade in the smoke she blows
So I crumble and I weep, I run with wind beneath my feet
When she lies my soul she beats
Jump in the car and hit the street
Just get away from her, A while later I stray off track
I can't believe I'm turning back
To me she is a crack heads crack
But I will not let her know, And I will not let it show
She can't escape and can not leave
She's stuck inside this web I've weaved
My scars are covered by her sleeve, and we will not let them show

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