April 27, 2008
By sandra rivera, Portland, OR

My duty is to save peoples’ lives,
Knowing that if not, someone might die.
Living this kind of lifestyle is what I do,
Never ending river that might take me away too.
Seeing that poor little girl about to drown,
Saving her might get me the crown.
That crown that I will soon wear,
People will know that I really care.
Never ending hope that I have inside,
That one day there will be no one that dies.

I’m closing my eyes and just playing it by ear,
Knowing that someone is watching with fear.
They know I’m out to get them, so they run and hide,
Some can’t take it and commit suicide.
Others stay alert and wait for the right time.
Should I stay or should I go?
Will they ever get away with that crime?

Getting shot at is the worst of all,
Never being able to erase the thought of that wall.
That wall that was there to protect me,
It was at that moment that I was set free.
Free from all my problems that I have going on inside,
If I die will the problems just disappear or will they just hide?

See the things I’m seeing in this crazy but beautiful world,
Then you’ll understand that saving people’s lives is what I love to do.
I may be close to death sometimes,
I may get injured at times,
But I will never regret what I do,
Crazy as it may sound to you.
Everyday this changes my life dramatically,
It’s true, this is my reality.

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