Idea of Free

April 27, 2008
We live in the US of A,
people say that's a great place to be.
Children are scared to go out and play,
that's not my idea of free.

The streets are filled with crime and drug users,
Everyone watches something called reality t.v.
Every other child is considered just another one of them losers.
That's not my idea of free.

You can't listen to the news cause it'll make you cry,
people blame it on the leader of our country.
When it's actually the fault of someone's little withe lie.
That's not my idea of free.

Only believe in God when it's convenient to you?
That's not the way it was taught to me.
If we're living that way then our county's through.
That's not my idea of free.

Teens use medicine to get high,
someone told them it would make them happy.
Why would they tell such a cruel lie?
That's not my idea of free.

Abortion is something commonly done,
they say that way you'll be carefree.
When guilt and remorse is all you've won,
That's not my idea of free

A loving gaurdian to hug you each night.
Every life long or short lived in honesty.
A world where everyone strives to do right.
Words of love spoken endlessly.

Every mother and father love their chidren.
Rich and poor we're all the same.
We're all equal no matter the color of our skin.
No matter how small or big our name.

Sunrise to sunset no fear of tomorrow.
The sound of rocks being hit by the sea.
A feild covered in the silence of snow.
Now that's my idea of free.

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