The Flower

April 27, 2008
By Marni Wasserman, Commack, NY

Deep, Deep, down below, beneath the thick moist dirt,
Lies a single daisy seed, teeny as can be.
Then one day the seed did burst in a green explosion of leaves.
The daisy plant grew up and up towards the bright blue sky.
Greener, Greener, Taller, Taller and yet no flower in sight.
Finally one hot sunny day, a bud began to form.
But yet the plant was still all green and leafy.
The bud grew bigger and bigger, it would pop any day now.
And then the bud burst open and was the brightest flower in sight.
For weeks and weeks the flower stood tall, as colorful as can be.
One day it rained so very hard and the flower began to weep.
The flower never stood up straight again,
Nothing Good Can Last Forever!

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