April 27, 2008
The radio blares with motivation,
years of suppression for Hutu in this nation.
Going down the streets with machetes in hand,
throwing sticks of fires and explosives in Tutsi land.
Dead bodies fallen down like lumps on a street,
people know they will soon be tortured and beat.
Running away, falling like bowling pins,
the rich generals laugh watching while sipping gin.
Food is scarce, water is rare,
all are in danger except for the fair.
The U.N. watches meticulously, though safe and sound,
counting the numbers of dead bodies that have been found.
The British, French, the Belgians, and Dutch,
think Africans are not that worth all that much.
Sitting on their hands watching the evening news,
just like the Holocaust and the massacre of the Jews.
After a million killed, people start feeling remorse,
for not caring about time or taking any force.
Just watching the television during dinner, commenting how sad,
and going back to their usual daily routine not feeling the slightest bit bad.
They are guilty for trying not to make peace,
leaving millions of people starved or deceased.

This will certify that the above work is completely original.
Ronak Gandhi

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