Middle School Raps

November 26, 2011
By edin705 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
edin705 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Favorite Quote:
practice makes perfect


Its a hall of fame for the kids who are so insane.

They got attitude and many issues,they feel alone start to cry

they need some tissues.They think the teachers don't

understand,they build anger ,can't get it out in a good way,

but the teachers put it out on them for the one to blame.

They feel lonley,insacure,no homework they got no time to do

it anymore .The teachers think their bad,some are,

but their all the same not away from eachother by far.Detention,

it traps you up thinking what have you done to yourself,you can't

find the good in you ,lost in a bookshelf. These kids don't know how

calm down, they get rewarded with detention, and start to frown .They

have it over and over everyday,but when the teacher tell them,the kids

don't know what to say. The same routine over and over,then

their average drops lower and lower.They act like they care ,for paying the fare

of losing their lunch so they all spend their time in a classroom in a bunch.

Dont give up

Alright screw all the haters who go to school here ,

they said I was s*** but I really never cared.

One after one they would continue,they were they stupid ones

they never had a clue.I never listened,I never listened

,I never cared I will prove all you wrong even though it might take long.

m better than you I always knew it, but When these kids started showing off

I said screw it.But I never give up why would I

,all these kids talking trash,but all I could hear was lie after lie.

They said I was bad that I never had a chance.

After I took a glance and said this is my competition!,now all you kids listen.

Don't give up you will regret it

Don't give up you will see, one day your going to be the one to be.

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