Uneasy Silence

November 22, 2011
By Dana Slaymaker BRONZE, Atkinson, Nebraska
Dana Slaymaker BRONZE, Atkinson, Nebraska
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Unheard of, unspoken, best not to say;
our friends, the enemy, make it that way.

Who is the enemy; why can they direct?
They’re the ones that force citizens to be circumspect.

The small minority separating church from state.
Well, someone better step up before it’s too late.

It’s a conspiracy straight from the devil.
He wants us to conform, to restrain our rebuttal.

But something soon is going to snap;
the tension is thick, and it’s all just a trap.

The madness must cease, but we first need a leader;

someone with the courage and the confidence to be there.

All it takes is one person to step up and say their piece;
the others will follow, but someone must start or this will never cease.

But when they picked sides, the enemy didn’t do it very well,
for we have God and all they have is hell.

As for their strengths, they’re still a bit rough;
they only have what’s in this world, but we have love.

We still have one resource that we’re yet to use.
The enemy doesn’t know that in the end, no matter what, God gets to choose.

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