Sore Feet

April 27, 2008
By Julie Marin, Chevy Chase, MD

A Journey too long always leaves sore feet
Chases in the dark bring on soul's defeat
Shadows in the hearts, Coldness in the trees
The path of my life, as endless as seas

Swallowed by darkness, unable to shine
Trudging on a road never to be mine
The next steps farther off than the next mile
An eye for an eye, an arm for a smile

Lights in the distance come out of a mold
Fortunes of the mind, solitudes kept untold
Courage thrown away, all peace left sown
Future fears awake, yearning for the known

Cracking of a twig, creeping of our death
Signs of timely cars, Shortness of all breath
Tears of blood trickling down upon my cheek
Running in the dark might have killed the weak

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