Summer At Aunt Gail's House

November 26, 2011
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It happened quickly
She was short
But loud and a know it all
She was mean and outspoken
She treated me with meanness
She showed me no mercy
She was my aunt Gail
And I her niece
Am here to tell a story
A story about the summer
At my aunt Gail’s house
A women who I have no contact with now
And will not have contact with for the rest of my life
Nor her husband
Nor her children
Nor her grandchildren
How could she do it
I trusted her
Day and day I remember
While she goes on with her life
She got away with it
How can she live knowing what she did
You see aunt Gail
A short women
With funny shorts
Has a meanness about her
An unexplained anger towards me and my siblings
Maybe she hated my mother
I have no idea why she hates me
What was her agenda
What did she gain
From treating me this way
She took something from me
And I hope that by writing
I will get it back
If my mother was alive
What would Gail say to her
Would she apologize
Would she beg for forgiveness
My mother
A gentle soul
Sadly passed away when I was ten
She was a good lady
Nothing like Gail
Nothing like the care givers
She had heart
And kindness
Her discipline was simple
Nothing emotional or painful
Nothing like Gail
They tell me
To move on
How can I
When they still have contact with Gail
Saying her name daily
Without considering my feelings
They do it on purpose
Giving her and her children gifts
While Gail gives me and my siblings nothing
Nothing for our birthdays or the holidays
What kind of aunt could treat her own family like that
Her dead sister’s kids so horrible
My care givers

How can they betray me?
I guess they don’t care
Cause I’m not their daughter
I’m the mistake that they wish they never took in
I know what I did was wrong
A person should respect their elders
But the adult must not terrorize the child
The adult must be the bigger person and have self control
Not threaten or keep someone against their own will
I guess people would be confused about what happened
Sadly it started long before the incident
I’m not good at speaking about my problems
Writing is my specialty
I want to forgive this woman
So I can move on
So she has no power over me
So she doesn’t win
Only I can forgive her
She won’t apologize
Because she got away with it
And the care givers are on her side
Forgive her they tell me
How can I
When the very same people who were suppose to protect me from this Gail women
They did nothing
They took her side
They told me they would kick me out of the house
My guardian told me to stop spreading lies about her sister
She told me that Gail only wanted to talk to me
She says that still this day
Even though she wasn’t there when it happened
After taking care of me for all this time
The guardian didn’t believe me
What a pity but
Then again
What can you expect from a trouble d middle age unmarried women
Who talks to herself?
Pretends around family and friends
And talks badly about me on the phone
With whomever
And spends and spends
Till she blames others for her problems
I’m surprised she took Gail side
When Gail stole her money
When Gail treated her nasty
Why is my guardian so afraid of her younger sister Gail
Gail a short nothing special to look at
She Is a women of anger and hatred
If you have never have known hate
Then meet Gail
And lead you gasping for air
How could they
The caregivers
No compassion for me
Someone please
Tell me how to forgive
A women who did this
And ill forgive her
Gail got away with it
Every day I suffer
The caregivers say her name
As if to taunt me with the satisfaction
Where is there sympathy
They didn’t believe me
They still don’t
I want some answers
But first I shall tell this story
So that one could understand
I shall tell the terrible and painful unforgettable summer
At Aunt Gail’s house

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