Missing the Person

April 26, 2008
Missing the person next to you hurts but somtimes that happens somthing goes wrong and ya'll don't make up from the past or you take the past and you use it like a brick wall we thats what happend to me there was this girl i liked her alot if i was a apple she would be my core for some reason this girl and i had a good friendship. I met this girl in 4th grade in 6th grade we grew apart there was 2 new girls and those were her new best friends well i liked still liked her. well in 7th grade we were close agian
8th grade talk about a wrold of drama this girl could make me cry she was a drug and i was addicted i tried my hardest to move on and say i was done but i couldn't move on. all of are conversations became arguements are words became insults and are expressions may have omost killed us
we tried to fix it but no i was rude so she says and so do people but i wasn't and even if i was mad i still would have been ther and i whish that it could be the same but she said it will never be the same the past is the past and theres nothing that we can do about it. to this day were not the same and i barly can function at times especillay when were in the same class it kills me to set next to somone when you know how much yall were and the respect we once had twoards one another this girl may think that she does nothing but she does the slightest expressions and the rudest looks and the meanest comments but i do the same but it hurts and evertime she says somthing she's just kidding but she's really not im getting confused with life and i don't know what to do i'm out of plans and options last reasort is to remove myself from her thats my only option i just don't know what to do should i laugh becasuse were friends or cry because thats all we will ever be.

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