My Dearest Spring

April 26, 2008
By Polina Gunter, Bowdon, GA

How beautiful you are.
How beautiful indeed.

Your golden presence all around me,
Your welcome smile spread through the air.
How beautiful you seem to me,
My timid attraction growing stronger as I will declare.

The calmness your breath always brings me,
The peace your touch presents.
Like the song of a canary,
It enchants.

And though you only stay a while,
Ready to leave me yet again,
I wait for the next time you come around,
Hoping you'll stay and remain.

You bring me joy,
You bring me youth.
You fill with life,
Revealing all the truth.

So come again, my dearest love.
Stay with me, this time for a while.
And I will celebrate you more and more,
My love sailing on Eagle's wings.
Do come again,
My dearest Spring.

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