Anticipating Spring

April 26, 2008
By Polina Gunter, Bowdon, GA

There was nothing in the air but a warm breeze.
And warm rays of sunshine casting down on me.
The smells of the flowers, and the songs of other birds
Reminded me of simpler days, when I was still free.

Now, gazing through the window,
On the world I held so dear,
I couldn't help imagine
Flying high, without a fear.

Wishing to be part of it once more,
I lost myself in thought.
And didn't find myself again
Before I saw the light that the moon brought.

“Oh, I had slept so late!”
I shouted from my cage.
“I missed my dearest Spring unwind!”
I said again with rage.

“How could I be so blind, so careless, shame on me!”
“I didn't see you come to life, I missed the part you loved so much!”
“Oh shame on me, oh shame on me!”
“I'd forgotten your everlasting touch.”

I fell again, to the very floor,
My heart sinking, my head swaying,
I had slept through the begging of life once more,
I had left her alone, no doubt dismaying.

There was no one I loved more than Spring.
And now locked in this cage, I could be with her no more.
Separated from life itself, I had watched her awaken from afar,
Admiring her beauty, my eyes growing sore.

And now, I had missed her freshness again.
The cold night had replaced it outside the window pane.
How could I live with myself now?
How could I live without her? The answer was not far, just past the silver rain.

I felt my feathers come to life,
Shivers covered me from head to toe.
Her light shoe on me again,
Like the beauty of a new born doe.

She was awakening again!
Before my very eyes!
Now I could see her, and be close once more,
And yes, it felt quite nice.

My love had returned to me,
Even though I could reach her no more.
In my imprisonment she still loved me so,
Through the window, through the metal bars, yes, to the very core.

I looked out at her and knew, she would be mine forever.
Nothing mattered anymore,
Just me and dearest Spring together.

I felt as though I could fly again, I felt a brand new chick!
No bars or glass could contain me,
I was my own free man!

She smiled upon my bravery, and my determination.
But said to me only these words, to which I listened well.
“We'll always be together, my dear one.”
“Separated as we may be, Fate was not so cruel as to leave no bell.”

“The circumstances will reside, and you will be free once more.”
“But until than, be a strong bird, and sing for me a song.”
I gathered up the wits about me, and took a needed breath,
Opening my beak, and letting the wind go, I held up my wing.

If Spring promised it would be so, I knew it, I just knew it.
I never had a doubt in her, never a bad thought.
I would sing my days away, remembering of her,
And wondering, anticipating what tomorrow brought.

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