Just Me

April 26, 2008
By Polina Gunter, Bowdon, GA

When the going gets rough,
I know how to keep going.
When the world seems to stop,
There's no fear that I'm showing.

If there's someone in need
I'll do my best to lend a hand,
If I don't like what's around me
I'll set my own unique trend.

I know how to be a friend,
And I can make people laugh.
I'll be with them 'till the end,
Even through high-school math.

I'm nowhere near perfect,
And I don't say I am.
But I can be polite and tidy,
And I always say 'Yes ma'am!'

I can be silly and fun.
I can be serious and calm.
I try hard to be my best.
But in the end, as everyone will see,
I will always be just me.

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