I wish I Didn't Love You

April 26, 2008
By Nicki Thao, Oshkosh, ZZ

I wish I didn’t love you,
Knowing that you go out,
Talking to other girls,
But when I saw you,
There you were kissing another girl’s neck,
You stand there looking at me,
Like I was nothing to you,
I just turn around,
There you stand right beside of me,
Apologizing what you did,
You told me it was nothing,
And you told me that I was wrong to think of that,
You think I'm stupid,
But knowing you lie,
I still can’t stop falling for you,
I don’t know why I am waiting,
I guess I don’t know anything,
All I know is that…,
Who am I to say,
That you loved me,
Who am I to say,
That you need me,
I don’t know,
But I miss you holding me,
There I cry in front of you,
And you look in the other way,
Why did you have to do this,
I love you,
I wish you could see itagain,
I’ll wait in the dark for you,
Please find me.

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