Life's Anatomy

November 25, 2011
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Life is something to be figured out and never forgotten. Through the highs and lows, you wish to climb that mountain. To reach its peak and to never be forgotten. Your name in shining lights as you wanted. Few people reach this sustained height. Most are afraid of this acclaimed light. It’s much easier to be in the darkness, than to do the things that are right and forever forgotten. Because that’s how life is. Negativity gets publicized. Positive acts gets demonized. People that meet in the middle are usually the ones that are feminized. They argue their points that they strategize, only because their base argument are simplified. Nothing is simple in this world, but noting is complicated. So where does it stand? Do they meet in the middle or do they go hand in hand? On that journey up the mountain, these are where most fall. Get caught up in worldly things and they’re put to a halt. Not in motion. Not right. Now most have lost sight. We all have that blockade, and it may feel good. But is feeling good worth more than making things as it should? So what will you be? What will you do? When that blockade comes for you.

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