There's Something About You:)

November 24, 2011
There's just something about you:)

The way you smile,

The way you walk,

The way you laugh,

The way you breathe.

Everything i do now reminds me of you.

You are my light,

My knight in shining armor,

My way to living life right:)

All i ever think i need is you,

I need you,

I love you,

I never stopped!

You are amazing, and the one i have fallen for once again:)

I am so grateful you have come into my life.

I'm glad we got over all the fights,

All the nonsence,

All the hurt.

But i really do love you:)

And parents are stupid if they say 13 year olds don't know what love is, because obviously,

About everyone had expierenced love by the time they are 13:)

And i have:)

You are everything i want,

Everything i need,

Everything i ever think about,

The only reason i choose to smile:)

Tonight was amazing,

And I am glad we hung out:)

I missed you:)

And i hope you never leave me again:)


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