If only...

November 24, 2011
If only... I wasn't afraid I'd loose you.

If only... I wasn't afraid to be myself around you.

If only... I didn't have to put on a fake smile everyday just please the people around me.

If only... People would leave me alone every once in a while.

If only... People would understand what I'm going through.

If only... People would love me for me.

If only... I was more out going.

If only... I was not so insecure.

If only... I was different.

If only... People wouldn't judge me based on stupid rumors, or my looks.

If only... People would grow up and stop all the drama.

If only... People could not be so hateful.

If only... I would speak my mind.

If only... I wouldn't be called a whore or a b**** everytime i say something wrong.

If only... People would look at me normally.

If only... I could say i love you, without people saying i was flirting, or cheating.

If only... People weren't so cruel and stay out of my buisness!

If only... I could a guy friend without being judged!

If only... People would ****ing grow up!

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