Look Up!

April 26, 2008
By Katherine McLellan, Edina, MN

There’s a lot of s***ty stuff that happens in this world.
You could spend a weary life counting the sorrows of the universe
Until you became one. But
aren’t the only things left for us on earth.

Yesterday, a driver slowed to let a rabbit cross the street without getting hurt.

A pianist played a concert so beautiful that the audience was left in tears.

A family was reunited with their pet dog, who had been missing for months.

A kidney transplant from an unknown donor saved a girl’s life.

Heck, they even put a man on the moon a few years back.

Life isn’t so bad.
You know that it’s not when
You feel that bubbling-over of joy
At little things.
And you are reminded-

Look Up!
The sky is still blue,
The trees are still growing,
The world is still spinning.

Renew your membership to the Human Race.
Jump in and join us
And start running it—
Because life is still living.

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