Gold fake claims

November 24, 2011
The tick of a clock dances in an echo,
the crunch of the feasted feline rings in circles in the summer air.
The alluring smell of the freshly lit vanilla skies gather around.
Clear shackles bound at the feet.
The slight rattle of the chain scares the feline , to send it's gritty tiny paws in the air. BROKEN SILENCE !
"leave a man to what all he has left ! Leave me to be bound at the feet by these shackles in silence! Silence sets an old man at ease you fool ! Do not be scared by the sudden sound of the wretched clasp. You run free in the summer air! I must stay.
No Freedom.
No Freedom , No Silence
No Freedom , No Silence
Break me down to nothing will you ?
AHA ! Not am I the fool indeed!
I shall paint these shackles gold.
New start , New Freedom , New Silence:
Gold imprisonment?
Fake Claims , New Start , New Freedom , New Silence.
gold shackles break , then black.

New Silence....

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