April 25, 2008
dark and depressing.
laying on the side of the road, almost gone.
unable to move.
red and blue lights flashing everywhere.
loud sirens, piercing the air.
cars slowly rolling on by.
I must look dead to them.
paramedics dressed in blue and white walk up to me laying on the road.
they kneel down.
“she’s not going to make it.” barely hearing one paramedic say.
“too bad the drunk will,” the other whispers, almost too low to hear.
“head on, but he only has minor injuries.” another paramedic reports.
how could I die, while he still lives?
coughing up blood, I strain to see the my killer.
sitting there, laughing and drunk.
sitting in the back of the ambulance with the doors open and lights flashing inside.
only bleeding from a cut on his forehead and a couple on his arms.
he would have a lot of bruises, and sore, but alive.
not me though, I would be in the dirt.
“are her parents on their way?” the first paramedic asks.
“yeah, but-” I didn’t hear everything, and everything drifted to a foggy sort of sound.
It’s time. I thought. Here comes the angelic white light.
To everyone I miss, goodnight forever.

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