Brown and White

April 25, 2008
By Samantha Little, Park City, UT

Standing in that wooden house,
So small and open.
They have free reign for a bit
But their grass is limited.

I feel so horrible as I pass
Going to the bus.
The horses stand together
With no complaint or whine,
But as I pass,
I still feel sorrow,
When they cant really graze.

They look up as I enter the trail
And I know they’re waiting for me.
I have no time to spare,
As I head on to the bus.

The horses stand together,
With no one but themselves.
Only two of them together,
Which is enough comfort for them.

Their matching fur is wonderful,
With those brown spots over white.
But I must always wonder,
What they think.
They keep their secrets hidden
Under their dark,

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