April 25, 2008
Swaying in the light wind,
They stand majestically in green.
The brown and the green clash,
In a war of all wars.
The beauty of the war is amazing.
In every way they are always beautiful.

When one has fallen to its knees,
They still look their best.
They never seem to give up their grace
And poise.

Even in the dead of winter,
When the war is over
And the brown has beaten the enemy,
They still resist the cold snow,
And the harsh wind.

When you live in a place with forests everywhere,
You take them for granted,
But when you live in a place with not as many,
You think the trees are the best things in the world.
They are the best.
They give us more things to admire.
They give us life.
You may not think much of them,
You may not think they look good,
But you have to know,
That you need them.

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