You Oughta Know

April 25, 2008
By Anne VanCleve, Holmdel, NJ

You oughta know I love you, my dear, dear, friend.
You oughta know I'm here for you, forever, till the end.
You oughta know I'd rather spend five minutes with you than five hours with any other.
You oughta know we're closer than best friends, you mothers sisters with my mother
You oughta know friends like you are sacred and rare.
You oughta know how glad I am to have you to care.
You oughta know dear Nora, the thousands of memories will remain with me.
You oughta know our inside jokes will last an eternity.
You oughta know this poem wasn't hard to write,
and you oughta know that if your by my side, everything will be alright

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