My Pulse Is With Him

April 25, 2008
By Shellee Lewis, Goodyear, AZ

His voice
is the song that my heart
dances to.

A beautiful melody
that makes my stomach
do backflips.

An amazing chorus
of angels
that sings louder than
everyone else.

It's only me and him,
the angels drown out the

All thoughts are put on hold.

We are the only ones
And I wish it'd
stay that way forever,
just him and me.

But he has to go home.

And the blur around
us becomes clear again.

I can identify the faces
and the fact that my
heart sadly skips beats
as it's record is taken
off its player.

My stomach realizes
that its not a
and settles down
back into its proper

My mind goes numb
with sadness.

I don't want him to leave
because when he's away,
my pulse is with him.

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