April 24, 2008
By tiffany Viggiano, Winchester, CA

How does the wind blow so cold

How does the water flow so fast

When just days ago there was sunshine of gold

A still lake sure to last

How does one fish swim in the ocean

How can one fish follow the current

How can the other stay without motion

Swimming against the current notion

Poor salmon taped in this river

The angle fish swims without a care

The cold wind makes the salmon shiver

The other will never have these problems to bare

The salmon cares for its former trip

The angelfish cares only to feed its lust

It is a cold shoulder with a chip

Sadly the angel fish can not have trust

You see the salmon stays and embarrasses its pain

The angel fish cares not and swims away

The poor salmon is as good as slain

The angel fish leaves without a care to the next day

Poor salmon dies for its love

Poor angel fish never really loved

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