Lindsey Lou

April 24, 2008
By Anna Carlson, Bayfield, CO

Hello my name is Lindsey Lou
And I’d like to Share my story with you
I was born only One inch tall
And now I’m looking at quite a fall
This morning started in a good way
But its gone rather bad I have to say

I was minding my business taking a walk
When a Caterpillar came up and wanted to talk
We talked about weather, we discussed health,
We talked about business, sports teams, and wealth
We talked all day until the sun went down
And that’s when the creepers came out on the town

Then Mr. Caterpillar had to go home
He went and left me out all on my own!
I wandered and wandered and looked all around
But my home sweet home just could not be found!
I looked and I looked and I really did try
But despite my best efforts, I started to cry!

Then it got dark and I really got scared
I don’t go out after dark, I was unprepared!
Then along came a man and he bent down to say,
“Hello little girl, please don’t run away!”
He picked me up and took a great stride
Then we got into his car and he started to drive!

“I’m taking you home!” he said with a glance
I didn’t quite realize I was taking a chance
We drove and we drove and we drove some more
It didn’t take long until soon I was sure
We weren’t going home, We have driven too far
“Sir where are you taking me in you big car?”
“To my house, of course!” He said with a grin,
“I’m not taking you home… I’m taking you in!
I’ll keep you as a pet and feed you sweet rice,
We’ll live together, Won’t that be nice?
I’ll charge a quarter for people to see,
My Miniature Girl! I’ll be rich as can be!”

“Oh no you won’t!” I jumped up and screamed,
“Just take me home you ugly old fiend!!”
He laughed just a little, “My girl your quite wrong,
I’m six foot four, and your only one inch long!”
Then he looked down and snatched me right up
He took me and dangled me over his cup

So now here I hang, my stomach filling with dread
Hoping he doesn’t drop me on my head
The coffee down there looks rather hot
Now I’m really in a bad spot
I don’t know what to do or say
I’ve got to figure out how to get away!

“Please sir don’t drop me!!” I said with a shiver,
“ I don’t wanna swim in your black coffee river!”
“Come home with me or you’ll take a swim!”
At this point my situation was looking quite grim
“Hurry up girl and make your choice!”
I tried to speak but I lost all my voice

“Please sir” I squeaked “I’ll go home with you,
“even though that prospect makes me quite blue,
I miss my mommy, and daddy, and my big sis,
But I guess I’ll go with you, if you insist
Just when we get there, please let me call,
So my mommy and daddy won’t worry at all.”
He looked down at me with a tear in his eye
His lower lip trembled, and he started to cry!
“I’m sorry” he sobbed and put me right down
I was happy to see he was coming around
“I’ll take you home, please don’t be sad,
Straight back to you sister, mother and dad!”

So then he drove as quick as he could
Back over the river, and back through the woods
Right back down the street, and up to my door
I ran inside and across the living room floor
And into the kitchen, and looked all about
“My Baby! She’s home!!” I heard my mom shout

Now here I sit, drinking hot apple cider
Telling my story as I sit by the fire
My parents listen and look on in awe
Not really believing the things that I saw
Now that I’m home and I’m happy to day
Goodnight my dear friend, I’ll see you

Another Day

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