Last Words of a Dying Love

April 24, 2008
By Ashley Williams, Las Vegas, NV

Sitting in fetal position against the wall,
Arms used to rest my head are wet with tears,
It is just the beginning of the end,
And a tragedy I must face alone.

I stare up at the sun, shining bright,
Wondering how the world can be so happy,
I look at the cuts on my wrist,
Remembering each one, brushing them with my thumb,
Not even wincing at the pain.

Around me, people run around playing,
I grow angry at how they can leave me suffering,
But it is not their fault; fore they do not know,
It is mine for thinking the world will wait on me.

I walk, looking down, arms crossed as we pass,
I try my best not to make eye contact,
The look in his eyes pains me,
Because love cannot live in this drunken state of depression.

To watch your world implode, my child,
Is a feeling you must never know,
Letting go was not my first choice,
But t’was the only one left, that I could face to bear.

The words that I have sent were harsh and cruel,
And the anger sprouted from them, was the only way I knew,
To pull me from the depths of oceans, where the sun does not shine,
Rock bottom was where I needed to go.

And these tears I shed were not just tears,
They were silent cries no one could understand,
So to make up for these unspoken words,
I will write them instead.

I never meant to hurt you,
With those horrid words spoken in vane,
To mask the tears I have yet to cry, to break through the silence,
My ignorance gave way, just the same.

Now if you go on hating me, I know I’ll understand,
I would not forgive if those words were sent to me as well,

This is just to say, the hardest words to write, were the last on the page,
And as I leave you with my dying words,
Please listen and comprehend.

It may seem I’ve moved on,
To better places, better dreams,
I'm always thinking of you,
No matter what, I do not hate you.
Fore I loved you, no matter what it seems.
Miguel, I am truly sorry.

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