I See Us Walking

April 24, 2008
I see us walking down the street,
each and everyday,
and it amazes me how we really don't
have that much to say.

So as we walk along the grass,
down the shaded trees,
i see a bunch of sticks that
really interest me.
One is standing straight and tall,
another is about to fall,
and as I go to catch it,
I stumble and I fall

I blink once, then let it out,
a sigh, to me, that seems full of certain doubt.
But I laugh real hard
as I start to see,
the leaves that fall on me

I think they are pretending
their the stars up in the sky,
and falling down is the only way they'll get recognized.

So as i start to examine them,
the wind picks up and takes them for a spin,
they fall into a pond that's probably about 2 miles long
and they dance there for a while,
but soon they disappear.

And the wind picks up and takes me over here,
and the children start to leave,
like they do each and everyday,
and as I'm headed home I have a lot of things to say

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