With a Heavy Heart

April 24, 2008
By Stephanie Bailey, Pensacola, FL

With a heavy heart I leave you here,
on this trail of broken tears.
Everyday we walked this path,
unsure of the life we were to have.
Through the pain and through the rain,
through the laughs and the tears,
not many are with us here,
on the trail of broken tears.
I look around,
so many strangers faces I have found.
Many dead and many fled,
from the trail of broken tears.
Some bodies were found the other day,
as we kept walking on.
One looked as familiar to me,
as the song my momma used to sing.
And we kept walking on.
Why are those men so mean?
They’ve already taken everything,
surely there’s not much left,
could they please spare a kind breath?
More people died today,
as we made our way through the rain.
An old lady and a young boy,
he left holding a small toy.
And as we walked through the rain,
leaving a life and heading through shame,
I can’t help but smile and remember the name,
of the man who gave us such pain.
and as we walk the trail of broken tears,
no more things do I fear.

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