April 24, 2008
Why cant i
why cant i have the perfect house,
the perfect family,
the partridge family.
Why does she
why does she get what she wants
what ever she wants,
what ever she needs,
when ever she asks,
Why does she get that
what makes her so special,
what did i do wrong.
I am a good person,
probably even better.
I don't steal,
i don't cheat,
i don't lie.
But i am punished for their mistakes,
for them messing up,
not going to college,
getting pregnant,
at a young age.
But i am not mad,
not bitter,
towards the ones who gave me life.
All of my anger,
hatred towards them.
I turn into determination,
determined to do right,
determined to leave this house,
determined to prove every one wrong.
I will go to college,
I will get married,
I will have the partridge family.
I am determined.

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