Cans of Soup

April 24, 2008
People are like cans of soup
They all have labels
Look around and you'll
Probably recognize a few

The nerds
Those kids with the high IQs
Some have glasses
And look like their mom dresses them

The jocks
Thos all american allstars
Who live for sports and competition
And it seems like nothing more

The goths
The kids who dress all in black-
even when it's 100 degrees-
That kind of creep you out

The emo kids
They seem like wannabe goths
That the only thing cool about them
Is their hair

The preps
Decked out in hollister and abercrombie
Always smiling
Always laughing

The freaks
The kids who are so weird
That they fit into
No particualr catagory

The thugs
Dressed in pants that are
Way to big, act tough
And talk all gangster like

The loners
They walk with
Their head down
And sit alone at lunch

Have you ever
Examined the person
Behind the label

The nerd
May be a whole lot cooler
Then you led yourself
To belive

The jock
May consume their life
With sports
Becaus they've got nothing else

The goths
May not be scary
In fact
Some of them may be scared

The emo kid
May seem to you like a wannabe
But in reality
Their really unique

The prep
May be all smiles
Because they're afraid
To let their true feelings show

The freak-
weird or not-
Is just as much a person
As you or me

The thugs may seem all tough
When underneath it all
They're really

And the loner
May sit alone
To show that any label
Can sit with them

Thats how it should be
Labels together
As people
Not words

Who am I to step out of the boundries
That have been set for me
To speak
My mind

To say it's possible
To cast aside the labels
And stereotypes
To all be friends

I'm just a girl
No label attached
Who wants
Things to change

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