Tank Tops and Cut Off Shorts

April 24, 2008
Tank tops and cut off shorts
The warm sun on our bare shoulders
The hot concrete under our feet

Ridding in the back of trucks shouting at who ever would listen
Dancing in the car to anything we could
Being loud in the Denny s parking lot till we got kicked out

Everyday a new adventure
Scooping ice cream till twelve
Meeting new guys every night

Sand between our toes
Sweet kisses in the summer rain
Bittersweet goodbyes saying forever, but knowing by tomorrow it’ll be over and soon forgotten

Bonfires in the backyard
Singing till four in the morn
Watching “Grease” and “Shag” when there was nothing else to do

Eating popcorn and drinking cokes out of glass bottles cause we thought it tasted better
Praying to god mama wouldn’t wake up as we sneaked out and on to the roof to gaze at the stars
Wishing we where grown up but not wanting this to end

We laughed, we cried, we fought, and tried not to care
We had to move on oh where had the time gone
The final days of summer seem to end before you know it

Wanting it to last but it never does
Those crazy days of summer are gone

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